Natural Tag consists of natural, food-grade, and patented DNA. It is added as powder or liquid in minimal amounts to products and ingredients.
NaturalTag is for growers and companies looking for a tamper-proof method of authenticating the origin of their products
NaturalTag is the first and only patented, food-grade microbial traceability solution. Boost your brand reputation, reduce risk and uphold the integrity of your products with access to information about the origins of your ingredients.
Food, pharmaceuticals, and CPG consumer goods such as beauty, fragrance and cosmetics.

Clean-label is used to refer to products with fewer, simpler ingredients. As NaturalTag makes up only a fraction of a percent of your product, it is not required to be declared on ingredient lists.

Food grade is used to refer to materials which are non-toxic and safe for all forms of human consumption.

NaturalTrace will fully comply and collaborate with all regulatory bodies, such as the FDA, EMA, and the SFA.

Natural Trace is able to produce a virtually unlimited number of NaturalTag identifiers
Natural Trace will be able to produce thousands of unique NaturalTag identifiers per day.
The tagging and the readout are documented as discrete events in the cloud. Any meta-data can be added. Examples include timestamp, provenance, name of farmer, and declared farming practices (e.g. ethical labour, no pesticides, etc)

No – NaturalTag is an imperceptible, permanent watermark. You can decide if you want to make its presence known and allow others to detect it.

NaturalTag is SGS certified. Through third-party testing such as SGS, we are able to verify if your tag product has been tampered with.
Yes- NaturalTag is very resistant to temperature and chemical conditions. It will survive most processing steps typical in the food industry, enabling traceability from raw ingredient to finished product.
Natural Tags are as durable as the shelf life of the product to which they are added.